I was lucky enough to grow up close to my grandparents. my grandmother who insisted that we call her yia yia (which is greek for grandma) would watch us when my mom had errands to run during the day sometimes. she used to take us to McDonalds to get lunch by her house some days as a treat. i have a memory of her little old lady afro bouncing back and forth in the front seat of her grocery-getter oldsmobile as we drove away from the drive thru and i dug into my hamburger in the back seat. she was a sweet lady with a fiery spirit. tough as nails like the ladies from the old country, fortunately she could cook like those ladies too. this is the last picture i took of my grandmother this year smiling in her bed. love you yia yia
Mary Levas July 14, 1922 - September 09, 2012

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